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The Faith Between Us

A religious coming out story by two young believers--one Catholic and one Jewish, with an introduction by Freakonomics coauthor Stephen J. Dubner.

Scott Korb and Peter Bebergal, two young progressives, share a secret: They believe in God. One is a former wannabe Catholic priest, the other a failed Jewish mystic, and they formed a friendship that's shaped by their common belief. In The Faith Between Us, they engage in a dialogue that ranges widely, from the mundane to the divine. They discuss finding religious meaning in their secular worlds, the moral implications of decisions both personal and political, their different religious cultures, and how their lives have been shaped by the pursuit of an authentic, livable faith. Both a spiritual memoir and an examination of contemporary religion as it's played out in unconventional ways, The Faith Between Us offers an alternative vision of faith in America, one that is equally irreverent and devout, ironic and earnest. For everyone interested in a modern take on keeping faith—and in reclaiming religion from the fundamentalists and literalists who have co-opted it for the right and those on the left who dismiss its redemptive power—The Faith Between Us will be an engaging and thought-provoking read.

Praise for The Faith Between Us

  • Old Jewish joke--woman buys her grown son two ties, he comes to visit her wearing one of them, she takes a look, frowns, says, 'What? You didn't like the other one?' That's how I feel sometimes when I'm reading one side or the other of this wise, warm, and often witty dialogue. Scott Korb and Peter Bebergal have not only illuminated issues of faith, but also literalized the process of friendship. A wonderful book. 

    Ben Greenman, author of Superbad and A Circle is a Balloon and Compass Both

  • This unlikeliest of books--a tag team spiritual autobiography--is a remarkable achievement. It's part Confessions of St. Augustine, part Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, a true story that is both subtle and adventurous. Bebergal and Korb, a Jew and a Catholic, an ex-mystic and a reformed ascetic, transcend the clichés of spiritual memoir to create genuinely unique story of faith evolving. The Faith Between Us is a milestone in the genre of memoir and a crucial reflection on American religion, in all its eccentricity, diversity, and depth.

    Jeff Sharlet, New York Times bestselling author of The Family and Sweet Heaven When I Die

  • When was the last time two men sat down and wrote about their friendship? This is a beautiful book--frank, open, searching. It is, to be sure, a 'religious' book, but its great virtue is that it erases the quotation marks around that word and makes religious insight and longing seem, like friendship, a natural part of the world.

    Jonathan Rosen, author of Joy Comes in the Morning

  • Here are two ordinary young men, a Catholic and a Jew, journeying toward God. Lost in a wilderness of their own making, they find their way toward life's better possibilities. Their stories are deeply personal, while describing the raw need for meaning common to us all. The book reminds us that we may continue to seek God even in the noise of our chaotic and scientific age. Scott and Peter's friendship will long remain in my mind as will the complex bravery of this book.

    Anne Roiphe, author of Up the Sandbox!, 1185 Park Avenue, and Art and Madness

  • Friendship between men is at the heart of this powerful and surprising story. But Peter Bebergal and Scott Korb's The Faith Between Us is also the story of their love affairs with God--entirely unsentimental and utterly passionate affairs that make compelling reading.

    Sara Miles, author of Take This Bread